New to shaving with the Safety Razor?

If this is your first Safety Razor or if you've been a Safety Razor lover for years, thanks for making the switch! We fully understand that as a novice shaving with a Safety Razor can be intimidating. Don't worry we got you covered! This page is packed with all the information (and shaving demos!) you need to be hairless in no time.

Smooth in 5 simple steps

1. Unscrew the head of the razor and place the razor in it with dry hands.

2. Moisten your skin with oil or soap.

3. Don't apply too much pressure, let the weight of the razor do the work for you. You can build up the pressure as you get more comfortable shaving. Like any razor, be careful where your skin is thin.

4. Take it easy at the beginning and do short and controlled strokes. It is very important that the strips are short. The razor does not have a flexible head, short strips allow you to reach all different corners of your body.

5. Rinse your razor after use, pat it dry and store in a cool, dry place. Keep the razor away from water to increase its lifespan.

How do you shave with a Safety Razor?

We can assure you that you can shave all the areas on your body you want! But because we thought that was a little bit of TMI for this video, you only see a leg here!

When should you replace the blade?

Each blade has a life of approximately 7-10 shaves depending on your hair type. If you have very thick hair it might be more like 4-6 shaves. Safety razor blades have the same lifespan as regular razors to give you an idea.

When you feel a slight pulling sensation or if you don't get as smooth a shave as before, it's time to to replace the blade. Because the blades are so small, you can store used ones in a tin box or a glass. When it is full (which will take years) you can take it to the metal recycling.

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Taking care of your Safety Razor

With so many advantages, switching to a Safety Razor is a disadvantage. We are so used to leaving our plastic blades in the shower (around water) with no consequence.

But when you switch to a metal Safety Razor, you need to give it a little more attention and love. Compare it to a jewel!

Rinse your razor after use. Use the pressure of the tap (shower is usually not strong enough) to rinse away all the hair and soap on the back of the razor.

Then wipe it dry quickly or set it to dry on the razor setting . Every time you put a new blade in your razor, it's a great opportunity to give your razor a good wash.

Do not use alcohol or other harsh chemicals. This can strip protective anti-rust layer on the razor. Water and soap are sufficient.


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